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Silicone Scrapper

Silicone Scrapper



Our cooking spatula are made from the good quality materials, the food grade silicone is safe to use for any type of food and it will not ruin the pot.

The heat resistant temperature of the non-stick fried turner can come up to 240 centigrade.

With the design of the wide surface, the cooking turner is convenience for you to turn cake and tamago, and it will not destory the shape of them.

The handle of the fried cookware has a big hole so you can hang it up after clean it and make it dry fast.

Silicone products can be cleaned normally, do not use rough surface cleaning appliances during the cleaning process to avoid looking for scratches and damage.



Color: Blue, green, orange, pink.

Material: Silicone.

Size: 22.5*12cm.


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