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Kitchen scale

Kitchen scale



White color

Weighing range: 1kg/1g 5kg/1g 7kg/1g 10kg/1g

Graduation value: 1g

Power supply: 2 AA batteries

Size: 24*15*2.5cm

Using high-precision load cell; ABS plastic parts; with automatic zero and automatic shutdown functions; with low voltage prompt, overweight prompt (g/oz/lb/kg)

Instructions for use:

1. ON/OFF — Turn on the key.

2. MODE — Unit selection key. Commonly used is g (grams).

3. TARE — Tare button. For example, when using a container to weigh liquids, you can use the tare key. Put the container on the scale first, press the tare button, the electronic scale will reset to zero, and then pour the liquid into the container, the electronic scale will directly display the weight of the liquid.


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