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Folding wooden table imported

Folding wooden table imported




The tray easy storage, this convenient carry trays is perfect for serving, presentation. Nice, smooth finish.

2) Side handles for comfortable carry. Elegant breakfast in the cabin, lunch in the mountain or beach condo, or just adding a touch of nature to your home, kitchen and dining room. Use for keeping spices, salt, pepper and daily cooking accessories.

3)Tote and serve meals, snacks, cheese and fruit, morning coffee stand, afternoon tea. Consider using for a lap stand during meals while watching your favorite show.

4) Perfect for mail keeper, stationery hub, use as a countertop organizer, bathroom vanity shelf or whatever handy need to use as a holder or display in the bedroom or bathroom.

5) Large, sturdy, not flimsy like plastic carriers. Using bamboo helps preserve our valuable wood forests.


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