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Rainbow Scratch Drawing Book (Pack of 3)

Rainbow Scratch Drawing Book (Pack of 3)




Ignite your child’s creativity and early education through the wonders of scratch art. With ArtWonders, they’ll embark on a journey of colorful imagination and endless fun. Explore the magic of our drawing toys, perfect for fostering early education and artistic expression. Discover the enchantment of ArtWonders: Your gateway to a world of creativity and joy.

Size: 5.5×4 inches
Provides a platform for children to express their creativity through drawing and painting activities.
Offers black paper specifically designed for scratch art, allowing children to reveal vibrant colors and patterns beneath the surface.
DIY coil scratch painting kits enable children to create unique designs by scratching off the top layer of paint.
The children’s graffiti book provides pre-designed pages for coloring and drawing, stimulating imagination and storytelling.
Supports early education by fostering fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development.
Offers a fun and engaging way for children to learn about colors, shapes, and artistic techniques.

Can be used for individual play, group activities, or as educational resources in early education settings.


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