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Portable Grinder

Portable Grinder



Spice Up Your Cooking

The Multi-Function Electric Grinder can meet the daily ingredients of hard and soft Flour demand.You can as a gift to provide for your family or friends.Unique design, which will increase more enjoyments in your life.

— Can Grind A Variety Of Ingredients

It also grinder all sorts of dry food such as spices, coffee bean,, pepper bean, sugar and herbs, etc.

— Come With A Switch Button

When you press the button without release, the grinder is working; when you release the button, it will stop working. You press the button more longer, the coffee powder will be more fine.

— Control powder at will different degree of fineness

The longer the milling time, open the more delicate powder, can satisfy different people taste preferences.

— Safety Interlock Design

The cover needs to be aligned with the switch slot to turn on and on, which can protect your child.

— Transparent Cover Design

Visual operation allows you to see the grinding effect clearly.

— Quickly Ground To Powder


It only takes 10 seconds to grind out the powder.

— Easy 4 – Step Grinding

1.Grinding coffee beans into the machine(suggest a 50 g)

2.Cover and ensure the lock

3.Open and 10 seconds pause to cut off the power at a time

4.pour out of the finished product


Surface Material: Plastic

Liner Material: Stainless steel



Capacity: Less than 10 L

Rated Voltage: 220/110 (V)

Rated Power: 150 (W)

Product Size: 198 * 94mm

Power: Below 800W

Mixing Blade: Single mixing blade

Scale Mark: Inner wall mark


Package Included:

1 x Grinder

1 x Brush

1 x Instructions

1 x Power Cord


1.Only supports grinding dry ingredients.

2.Working for 20-35 seconds each time, stop the machine for about 30 seconds properly to prevent overheating.

3.It is not recommended to wash the machine directly with water to prevent electric leakage.


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